ServiceNow Summit São Paulo: Transforming the World in Times of Change

On the upcoming August 30th, São Paulo will host an unmissable event that promises to revolutionize how we perceive technology and innovation. The ServiceNow Summit São Paulo, titled “Making the World Work Better in Times of Change,” aims to be an inspiring and educational gathering for employees, clients, and partners interested in propelling success in a constantly transforming world.

With the confirmed presence of renowned speakers, including Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer of ServiceNow, and Ronaldo Lemos, Advocate and Technology Specialist, the event will explore vital topics such as Generative AI, HyperAutomation, and Citizen Development. These emerging areas have been crucial for companies and organizations seeking to optimize their operations and swiftly adapt to market changes.

Generative AI represents a leap forward in artificial intelligence, enabling systems to learn from extensive datasets and autonomously generate new ideas, designs, and solutions. HyperAutomation is an approach that seeks to automate not only individual tasks but entire processes, combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Meanwhile, Citizen Development empowers non-programming experts to create applications and digital solutions, fostering grassroots innovation.

In addition to engaging and informative lectures, the event’s agenda includes case studies highlighting the success of Brazilian ServiceNow clients. These cases will demonstrate how the company’s digital solutions have transformed businesses and boosted operational efficiency amidst contemporary challenges. Artycs, as a supporter of the event, is pleased to share a client case. We will announce it soon!

The ServiceNow Summit São Paulo promises to be an enriching gathering full of networking, learning, and inspiration opportunities. If you are seeking ways to leverage technology to make your workplace more efficient, connected, and resilient, this is the place to be.

Take a step forward towards success and embrace the possibilities that the Now Platform offers. Say “YES” to a journey of innovation and transformation at the ServiceNow Summit São Paulo. Join us on August 30th and become part of this technological revolution that is shaping a better future for all.

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