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The platform of platforms

That’s how the ServiceNow platform is known because its capabilities empower people and processes, connecting silos and creating value through innovation. Eliminate silos with a single data model and architecture to create a connected end-to-end experience for your business.

Achieve new levels of satisfaction with an intuitive experience through an easy-to-use omni-channel solution, as simple as an app. Empower your service areas and teams with ready-made solutions and rely on a set of indicators in a customizable workspace.

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence and data analysis, make predictions, and automate tasks so you can focus on work and strategy.

Allow anyone to automate, extend, or build workflows in a solution connected to your business, leveraging the platform’s low/no code creation capabilities.

Value and Benefits:

ServiceNow Partner
Delivery experiences
Deliver Engaging Experiences
Work Smart and Fast
Accelerate Innovation

Our Services

We connect people, functions, and systems and reimagine how processes are executed. This enables our clients to reach new levels of growth and innovation in an increasingly challenging environment.


Closed scope projects. In this model, the client acquires a service designed specifically to meet one or more objectives, with well-defined steps and purposes.

The project is executed following Artycs' (SIM) work methodology.
The project scope is fixed and can only be altered with the agreement of both parties.
  • The project is managed by Artycs.
  • No surprises in the estimated budget.
  • Guaranteed delivery of requested features within the shortest possible timeframe.
Managed Services

Shared team of experts who support OOTB items (Out Of The Box, Factory Standard) that allow the best use of the platform and its functionalities.

Service is intended only for existing features
The team is multidisciplinary and 100% certified
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Consultation on best practices for using ServiceNow.
  • Consultation to identify opportunities for expanding the use of the platform.

Reasons to trust:


First consultancy

Achieving Premier Partner status in less than a month

First consultancy in the world

deploying Document Intelligence and AI

First consultancy in Brazil

deploying RPA Automation Hub Innovation in industrial products and solutions


in industrial products and solutions

3X more Investments

leading expansion in the market

500% growth

in ServiceNow certifications and specializations

High level

of customer satisfaction

we work with the biggest

enterprise customers in all industries

Global presence

and innovation labs in Singapore

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Digital Transformation

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