AIOps and ServiceNow: The Unbeatable Duo for Efficient Operations

Gartner has recognized ServiceNow as a global leader in AIOps market share. This acknowledgment further reinforces the effectiveness of ServiceNow® Predictive AIOps in providing proactive IT solutions.

AIOps plays a vital role in enabling organizations to enhance resilience, efficiency, and proactive large-scale IT operations. By intelligently distilling relevant insights from noise, ServiceNow AIOps assists organizations in swiftly identifying root causes and expediting the remediation process. Its predictive capabilities enable the detection and resolution of issues before they impact users.

Unlike other isolated AIOps tools that require specific issue instructions, ServiceNow’s Predictive AIOps proactively alerts operations teams by detecting new problems. Moreover, ServiceNow goes beyond issue identification by facilitating automation through playbooks, fostering increased productivity, efficiency, and self-correction.

To achieve these benefits, a unified platform is essential, allowing AIOps to access historical and real-time data from incidents, problems, and changes. ServiceNow provides this unified platform through its widely recognized Service Operations, known by companies worldwide for its market-leading capabilities, common data foundation, core platform features, and enhanced Service Operations Workspace experience. These combined features enable organizations to monitor their infrastructure and applications at the service level and effectively prioritize their responses.

Predictive AIOps, a central capability of Service Operations, empowers both centralized and decentralized IT teams to understand the precise impact of an issue on a critical service, application, or end user.

The ultimate goal of every IT team is to ensure zero impact on end users and minimize the need for operational intervention. Predictive AIOps brings us closer to that goal, enhancing service quality and freeing up IT teams for strategic initiatives and innovation.

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