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Data Visualization

Establish a trusted, reusable set of data products to create value through faster insights. Enjoy a self-service analytics platform with no technical skills required to operate.

Interactively navigate multiple data sources and understand your business.

Use augmented analytics technologies and reduce data preparation time by spending more time on analytics to operate.

Give your employees freedom by providing ways to find answers to critical business questions through data visualization.

Solutions Analytics AI

Explore the 360-degree view of your customers and target them effectively
Harness the power of your data with predictive analytics
Recommend the right product to your customers
Optimize your operations
Manage your customer turnover
Generative AI and LLM
Count on predictive maintenance for increased productivity
Maintain a high level of satisfaction
Improve your logistics with demand forecasting


Hospitality Logistics Manufacturing Retail Bank and Fintech
Hotelaria Click to view the dashboard


With the descriptive analytics provided by the visualization dashboard, the hotel was able to make more informed decisions about how to adapt its services to better serve its guests.

In addition, the hotel has also decided to adapt its pricing strategy to offer special promotions on low occupancy days and raise prices on high demand days. With these changes, the hotel was able to increase its revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Logistica Click to view the dashboard


The Business Intelligence solution allowed the company to use its data strategically, identify opportunities for improvement, reduce costs and improve service quality. The interactive control panel provided valuable information about deliveries, returns, gross revenue, status and reasons for returns, helping the company to make assertive decisions and improve its logistical processes. As a result, the company has increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Manufatura- Click to view the dashboard


Implementing the predictive model had a significant impact on plant efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The company is now able to schedule preventive maintenance in advance and reduce machine downtime, which has increased productivity and the ability to fulfill customer orders.

In addition, the company was able to save significantly on maintenance costs, as failures are detected and resolved before they cause major damage and require expensive repairs. As a result, the company is now able to maintain profitability and increase its competitive advantage in the manufacturing market.

varejo Click to view the dashboard


The custom solution we created allowed the company to increase its sales and profitability, while reducing its costs and expenses. More efficient product segmentation has also enabled the company to make more informed decisions about its marketing and business strategies, which has led to long-term sustainable growth.

Banco-e-Fintech Click to view the dashboard


  Our ML-based anti-fraud detection solution helped fintech significantly reduce the number of fraudulent transactions, improving customer trust and revenue over time. It also helped fintech save on operational costs, increasing process efficiency and human resource productivity.

Data and AI Platform

When we think about innovation, it’s not just about moving your data from storage in your data center to the cloud. We think about reducing costs and providing scalability, without changing our customers’ ability to perform.

Explore everything possible in the cloud. We help our clients with a solid data strategy to create new business differentiators. Modernize your platform, connect, integrate, analyze and act with the maximum intelligence of your data.

We build the foundation of a data-driven culture (data-centric), from layers of ingestion and data quality, we democratize access to data for multiple decision makers, through data lakes and warehouses and finally, solid governance through data catalog.

With the help of deep learning, computer vision, NLP, machine learning, Generative AI, we connect the dots of your business and technology.

Value and benefits:

Maximize your business through the intelligence of your data.
Actions that can be taken when analyzing any type of data in real-time.
Recognition of what your customers are saying on relevant websites and social media.
Intelligent utilization of your team's efforts through automation.
AI applied to data, developing a competitive advantage for your business.
Create value for your business and transform your organization with our team of data scientists.


Prediction of no-shows and seat sales to help understand revenue and demand.
Reduction of losses using real-time fraud detection models.
Predictive maintenance, reducing operational interruptions and equipment unavailability.
Chatbots, personalized multichannel customer service and campaigns. Demand prediction and logistics optimization.
Sentiment analysis and customer churn prediction to identify areas for improvement.

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Analytics and AI

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