About Us

The Construction of Artycs

Founded in 2017, Artycs is a company committed to bringing creativity and innovation to accelerate the transformation of industries. We bring together the best talent to explore new possibilities, combining business knowledge and curiosity to deliver value at speed.

We believe that industrial solutions that integrate different technologies for problem solving are essential for value realization. For this reason, we focus our efforts on four industrial pillars:

  • Communication and Technology
  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Products and Retail
  • Resources and Services

We are at the center of the Digital Transformation revolution. We redefine industries and their roles through the power of technology. Our work is about solving real world problems, keeping it moving, driving a sustainable agenda and building a better future.


Artycs in the AMG Cup

The AMG Cup is a Mercedes-Benz super sports car competition that needs no introduction around the world. In Brazil, Artycs is part of this world of high performance and cutting-edge technology through a strong partnership with Piloto Gerson Jr.

With motorsport becoming a data-driven sport, Artycs supports it with data analytics providing insight into track-based car setups and competitive strategies. This is the perfect alliance for two teams that share a passion for speed, performance and winning.


Artycs member of ServiceNow's AI Council

Taking advantage of the subject of Artificial Intelligence, did you know that ServiceNow has a board made up of customers, partners and suppliers, a team of specialists in the use of platform solutions?

Artycs is the only partner in Brazil to be part of the team of product advisors in Artificial Intelligence, thanks to our contributions in the development and implementation of solutions in this segment.


Our Structure


Dedicated structure in Singapore exclusively for attracting innovations from the Far East.




Value 360

  • Financial
  • Experience
  • Talents
  • Sustainability


  • Automation
  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • AI


Create new experiences and business models through an intelligent data strategy in a changing universe

Vision &,

Lead digital transformation in a people-focused co-innovation environment


Focused on customers, transparency with partners and empathy with its employees

Imagine you have the power to perform changes that accelerates new possibilities that will shape our present and future for generations to come.

We Focus On Strategy, Implementation & Operation Of Cloud And Data Platforms

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