How to Apply Computer Vision in Retail.

Computer vision is a field of study responsible for interpreting images by computers. In other words, it provides a set of data to a software so that it can identify patterns that humans would hardly identify quickly.

It’s worth noting that computer vision is embedded in Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, Deep Learning is crucial in this regard, enabling computers to have an interpretation power similar to that of humans. In summary, computer vision has come to streamline processes in a company, benefiting even establishments in the retail sector.

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How does computer vision work?

Explaining how computer vision works isn’t straightforward. This is because studies on the human brain, although they have advanced in recent years, still need more mature findings.

Computer vision is based on the way we think, interpret, and react to everything around us. It is only by feeding software with a lot of data that it will be possible to implement means of better serving and retaining customers in retail.

What are the benefits and applications of computer vision?

Technologies like computer vision generally tend to attract and retain customers. Whether they like it or not, consumers are always looking for something new and for increasingly better shopping experiences, and establishments that invest in innovation have a better chance of standing out.

Computer vision assists in the faster execution of various everyday store routines. In practice, this can result in a larger number of customers served and increased revenue.


Upon entering a store, it is entirely possible for the customer to come across advertisements tailored to their desires. One way to do this is through computer vision, as it can collect data from the customer’s previous visits, offering discounts and special conditions, for example.

Data Management

It is not enough for the establishment to use CCTV circuit images without any embedded intelligence. As computer vision is adopted, data collection and management become more effective, promoting continuous adjustments in the consumer experience.

Automated Payments

Certainly, customers would greatly appreciate being able to shop without having to wait in line. With computer vision, there are already establishments where the customer buys and leaves without having to go to the cashier. When the merchandise is removed from the shelf, its value is automatically deducted from the buyer’s bank account.

Computer vision could be what your retail needs to attract and retain its customers. We at Artycs, through a partnership with Graymatics, help retail companies explore the potential of their data. For this, we use Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, providing operational efficiency, as well as sustainable and measurable results for your establishment.

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