Exploring the Learning Experience with NowLearning

In the digital age, continuous training is essential to stay competitive in the market. ServiceNow’s NowLearning platform offers an innovative and efficient learning experience, providing courses that enable professionals to master the Now Platform and its multiple functionalities. This article explores the benefits and experience of taking ServiceNow courses via NowLearning, highlighting how Artycs can benefit from this journey of knowledge.

Access to Relevant and Updated Content

NowLearning offers a wide range of courses, from introductory to advanced, covering all areas of the ServiceNow platform. The content is constantly updated to reflect the latest innovations and best practices in the industry. This ensures that Artycs professionals are always ahead, with up-to-date knowledge applicable to current market needs.

Flexible and Accessible Learning

The NowLearning platform is designed to be accessible anytime and anywhere. The courses are self-paced, allowing users to learn at their own speed without compromising the quality of education. This flexibility is especially beneficial for Artycs professionals, who can integrate learning into their busy schedules.

Practical and Interactive Experience

NowLearning courses are not just theoretical; they offer a hands-on experience through virtual labs and interactive exercises. This allows users to apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios, enhancing knowledge retention and confidence in applying acquired skills. Artycs can leverage this practical approach to ensure their professionals are well-prepared to face real challenges.

Internationally Recognized Certifications

NowLearning offers internationally recognized certifications that validate the skills and knowledge acquired by professionals. For Artycs, these certifications are a competitive advantage, demonstrating to clients and partners that their employees possess a high level of competence and expertise on the ServiceNow platform.

Collaborative Learning Community

NowLearning fosters an active learning community where users can interact, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. This network of contacts is valuable for Artycs professionals, allowing the exchange of ideas and innovative solutions, as well as promoting a continuous learning environment.

Career Development Support

In addition to providing technical knowledge, NowLearning also supports the career development of professionals. The platform offers specific learning paths for different roles, helping users plan and advance their careers strategically. For Artycs, this means a more motivated and engaged team with clear growth opportunities.

Taking ServiceNow courses via NowLearning is an enriching experience that brings numerous benefits for both individuals and organizations. By investing in the training of its professionals through this platform, Artycs ensures that its team is well-equipped to implement, manage, and optimize ServiceNow solutions, promoting operational efficiency and innovation. With updated content, flexible learning, recognized certifications, and a collaborative community, NowLearning is the ideal choice for those seeking excellence and continuous growth in the digital age.

Contact Artycs and find out how we can help you make the most of the learning and certification opportunities of ServiceNow via NowLearning. Together, we can accelerate your digital transformation and reach new heights of success.


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