6 Industries Transformed by Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics help various industries optimize their performance. These technological resources bring speed and informed decision-making, as well as a better understanding of the audience.

As a result, the solutions offered tend to be more aligned with consumer interests. The more customers realize they can have personalized products and services, elevating their level of satisfaction, the more they demand from companies. Therefore, companies that fail to achieve this objective are left behind.

So, do you want to know more about the role of AI and analytics in transforming industries? Keep reading and understand how this happens!

What are the 6 industries transformed by AI and analytics?

Several companies have been transformed thanks to the advancements provided by data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Below, discover which segments can evolve with the help of these technological resources!

1. Manufacturing Industry

This segment was one of the first to be transformed by AI and data analytics. These technologies contribute to better inventory management, cost reduction, factory forecasting accuracy, and more. In practice, these benefits are realized through automation of actions, inspections to eliminate issues, and more.

2. Financial Industry

Financial institutions can use AI and data analytics to evaluate credit supply more accurately, prevent fraud, personalize banking experiences, and more. All of this can elevate user satisfaction, as they gain more autonomy and security in managing their own money.

3. Retail and Customer Service

These technological resources benefit retail and customer service by predicting public demands, automating inventory, offering personalized experiences, and more. After all, AI and data analytics enable a better understanding of consumer behavior.

4. Advertising Industry

Advertising needs to understand public behavior, habits, and preferences to develop aligned products and services. Thus, AI and data analytics are advantageous, as they rely on survey forms that collect essential feedback for ad segmentation and formulation of personalized experiences.

5. Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry can achieve higher performance throughout the production chain with AI and data analytics. It is possible to automate farming, irrigation, and other agricultural processes. Additionally, drones can capture data from crops to monitor crop and soil quality.

6. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare institutions, patients, and professionals can benefit from these technological resources. It is possible to evaluate pathological patterns, review examinations, make accurate diagnoses, automate management, and more. All of this makes medical establishments that adopt this technology more competitive, especially in the face of demanding patients.

So, now you understand which are the main industries transformed with the help of analytics and AI? These technologies provide insights into a company’s past and present, as well as consumer behavior.

At Artycs, we work with Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to assist various industries. Do you want to know more about the services we offer? Get in touch!


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