Everything about Knowledge ServiceNow 2023

The most anticipated event in the ServiceNow ecosystem has arrived.

Knowledge 2023 is considered the largest event in the ServiceNow universe, bringing together the key figures from ServiceNow around the world.

With great joy and satisfaction, Artycs is participating live throughout the event, with the presence of Leonardo Bastos, Director of Strategies and Relationships at Artycs, and Klaus Wilhelm Kühl Breit, Head of ServiceNow at Artycs.

What is Knowledge 2023?

ServiceNow is a global leader in corporate digital transformation, and Knowledge 2023 brings together its experts, top-tier clients, and partners to discuss how organizations can work more efficiently to simplify tasks and enhance customer and employee experiences. The event will cover various topics, including:

  • AI
  • Best practices for workflow automation
  • Low-code development for apps
  • Developing practical skills on the ServiceNow platform
  • Opportunity to connect with industry-leading experts
  • And more.

From May 16th to 18th, 2023, The Venetian Las Vegas will be the stage for the latest news and releases from the ServiceNow platform, making it possible to transform your business.

According to Klaus Breit, Head of ServiceNow at Artycs, “Knowledge 2023 is a highly anticipated event within the ServiceNow ecosystem. Artycs will be covering the event, sharing the latest news and our real experience of living in this atmosphere.”

“We have high expectations, especially for my first major ServiceNow event. We hope to deliver a lot and come back full of new ideas”, says Leonardo Bastos.

Meeting at the PAC Advisory Council – Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Today, on May 15th, Artycs, as part of the ServiceNow Artificial Intelligence (AI) Council, participated in the Artificial Intelligence Solutions event, represented by Klaus Wilhelm Kühl Breit.

Klaus recently became a member of the Product Advisory Council (PAC) for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

“We were invited based on our expertise in hyperautomation and the use of products related to Artificial Intelligence. We were globally recognized and invited to participate as a partner, not just as a client, in the ServiceNow council,” highlights Klaus on the importance of being part of the PAC.

Hyperautomation is the expansion of process automation, combining various tools and technologies that utilize artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML).

The event featured hands-on demonstrations of upcoming features and product updates that will be presented throughout the event, and much more.

Klaus Breit comments after his participation in the event, “The event was incredible. ServiceNow shared with us their vision for product lines and gave us a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming versions.”

Additionally, the event discussed the evolution and benefits of AI, as well as usability methods for the solutions.

And stay tuned, because many exciting announcements will be revealed during the ServiceNow Knowledge 2023.

Furthermore, Artycs had the opportunity to participate in validation user groups, provide feedback, and collaborate with product owners to build solutions and define priorities, pointing ServiceNow in the best direction for tool usage.

Artycs had a significant presence that made a difference in the ServiceNow ecosystem. We had excellent opportunities to contribute with feedback and gained recognition from everyone involved at the event due to the ideas presented there.


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