Data and Oil: Understanding Their Significance for Business!

With the exponential increase in digital transformation, data analysis has gained a central context in business. There is no doubt that companies need to focus on this to achieve results.

But how can we measure the extent of the importance of this technology? Would companies survive without using data? Is there a level of digitalization for a business?

These are several questions that every manager must ask themselves to position their organization in the digitized environment we live in. Understand!

What is the importance of data analysis for businesses?

Data analysis plays a fundamental role in every organization, allowing the identification of patterns based on charts, tables, and log files to provide quick answers that lead to faster and more effective insights using professional marketing data analysis tools, for example.

Furthermore, it is possible to create easily interpretable charts, allowing organizations to recognize patterns that provide insights that can drastically improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The strategy answers questions such as why analyze the data and what are the best decisions to be made, leading to powerful business insights and providing the hidden keys to transforming a business data strategy.

How to add value through data analysis?

A data analysis tool helps organizations understand data through collection, interpretation, and information gathering. Decision-making is one of the central points where this type of analysis has a positive impact.

Companies today track and store real-time data from an increasing number of digital and physical sources. But the accumulation of data is not an end in itself, what we do with the data is what adds value and provides powerful business insights.

In this context, the main function of data analysis is to gather, organize, and explore data to analyze trends and broaden the view of the organizational health of the company. Additionally, it is possible to build models to predict behaviors and outcomes, i.e., to perform predictive analyses for the strategic evolution of the business. With this, it is possible to:

● enhance budget accuracy;

● generate insights;

● improve strategic planning;

● achieve more realistic projections; among other possibilities.

Finally, all these achievements are carried out entirely digitally, allowing the manager to reduce risks and chances of guesswork, intuition-based decisions, or decisions that are poorly grounded.

Why is Artycs the ideal solution to optimize businesses?

Artycs is a reference in digital transformation solutions. With strong international technological guidelines, the company has prepared services to help its clients develop data-driven solutions and culture within organizations:

● Data Governance,

● Data Engineering;

● Advanced Analytics;

● Artificial Intelligence;

Have you realized the importance of data analysis in the virtual context? Furthermore, it is practically impossible nowadays for a company to survive outside of this environment.

Discover Artycs solutions for data analysis!


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